Episode 677

Carol Markowicz, Columnist for the New York Post


April 9th, 2021

22 mins 38 secs

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Please read and share Carol's column on the liberal obsession with open borders! It's time to ask the Democrats we know personally if this is actually what they want and if not when do they plan to call and email their members in the House and Senate.

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  • Democrats want open borders but won't say so — In practice, the Bidenites’ compassion takes the form of thousands of children stacked atop each other in filthy cages. Social distancing isn’t even attempted. It’s a full-on emergency, while the president, his party and his blue-check media allies studiously look the other way.  Have you noticed? All your friends who took to Facebook to decry Trump’s “concentration camps” are oddly silent now. The real problem is that Democrats want open borders but refuse to admit it. Open borders, where we fling the gates wide to anyone who wants to enter, are extremely unpopular. They’re also untenable: We simply can’t take in everyone who wants to come.