Episode 676

Gina Birkemeier Licensed Professional Counselor joins the program


April 6th, 2021

18 mins 42 secs

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Don't allow shame to shut you down, take the time to deal with unhealthy patterns! Gina says shame is the great isolator, and it's prevents us from holding our heads up high.

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Proverbs: 2:6

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  • Generations Deep: Unmasking Inherited Dysfunction and Trauma to Rewrite Our Stories Through Faith and Therapy: Birkemeier LPC, Gina: 9781732954526: Amazon.com: Books — Does our story begin before we take our first breath? Exploring the lives of four generations in one family, Generations Deep reveals the unhealthy patterns of behavior that can repeat from one generation to the next, uncovering how we can find ourselves trapped in a cycle of dysfunction if we don’t take the time and effort to repair the damage of the past. Gina Birkemeier—a licensed professional counselor, author and speaker—shares her personal story, along with self-help components throughout the book, which allow you to navigate through your own journey toward healing. Gina examines how unaddressed trauma, emotional wounds and false beliefs are passed down and how we can break those cycles that harm us and those we love. As she shares her raw and sometimes heartbreaking story—as well as the stories of her ancestors—we see how our beliefs and behaviors are influenced by the emotional health of our caregivers.
  • Gina Birkemeier, MAC, LPC | CrossRoads Counseling Centers — I believe we can achieve growth and healing when we understand that physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being all work together. I believe in God and believe it’s beneficial to offer my background and education in fitness and nutrition, alongside my faith and clinical training, to deliver a holistic and collaborative approach to therapy. I am a survivor of a false narrative and the circumstances that helped create it. My passion for the work I am called to do with clients was born out of my own journey to healing from the realities of trauma, neglect, and abuse.  I understand how our early life experiences can lead us to believe a story about ourselves that has nothing to do with the story we have been created to live. For me, it took a lot of therapy and a lot of Jesus before I could recognize this and heal. It is my greatest privilege to help others find that healing too. My goal is to shine a bright light on the idea that the story we tell ourselves most often is the one that becomes most true. In fact, I spend part of my time writing and teaching about topics related to this idea. I also have published a book and have a second book forthcoming on generational trauma.