Episode 627

Bloomberg not projected to win any states on Super Tuesday


February 17th, 2020

27 mins 56 secs

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Mini Mike has dropped $417 million US. Dollars and will reportedly spend millions more before it's all over. Drudge reported that Mike is pining for Hillary to join the ticket as VP. Mike has a death wish. He also called Teachers Unions and the ACLU extremists back in the day.

In Cut 1, we hear Mini-mike describing how old people with cancer are bankrupting our medical system. He recommends blowing old cancer patients a kiss, instead of treating them. Of note: These four Democrat septagenarians all have cancer: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid and John Lewis. I wonder how they feel about this idea?

Remember when Democrats created that commercial showing Paul Ryan pushing granny off a cliff? They were projecting back then too...

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1 John 3:20

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God, our Shepherd - doesn't check the weather; He makes it. He doesn't defy gravity; He created it. God is what He is. What He has always been. God is Yahweh - an unchanging God, an uncaused God, and an ungoverned God. - Max Lucado

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Episode Links

  • It’s a Sanders/Bloomberg Race Now: Either way, the Democrats Lose — This dynamic is, in part, why you saw Bloomberg launch his “I’m thinking of picking the Pantsuit Princess as my running mate” trial balloon over the weekend. Mr. Excitement and the party leaders want to gauge Democrat voter reaction, hoping against hope that a Bloomberg/Coughing Crook ticket might mollify The Commie’s gang of leftist lunatic supporters and possibly unify the party for the general election.
  • Another Verbal Oops: Michael Bloomberg Has Said That Teachers Unions Are Extremists Like The NRA — Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his prior comments are on a ROLL and it is a ton of fun to watch and listen too. This guy is a treasure trove of hits. Bloomberg back in 2013, while he was still Mayor of New York City, defended his controversial policy of stop and frisk but also called teachers unions and civil libertarian groups “extremists” just like the NRA.
  • 1990 Bloomberg L.P. Employees Created A Book Of His Offensive Quotes (Embedded) - The Lid — -The only liberal I trust is a rich old liberal. Why? Because they’re old enough to understand what they’re saying, and they’re rich enough to pay for what they say! -If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of to Bloomingdale’s. -The three biggest lies are: The check’s in the mail, I’ll respect you in the morning, and I’m glad that I’m Jewish. -If Jesus was a Jew, why does he have a Puerto Rican first name?
  • Bloomberg surpasses $400M in ad spending for 2020 race — Data from political ad tracker Kantar/CMAG shows the former New York City mayor spent roughly $417.7 million as of Sunday morning, which according to CNN's David Wright, also includes futures reservations.
  • Bloomberg campaign downplays report he is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate | Fox News — Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign on Saturday downplayed a report that he is considering 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as his pick for vice president. The Drudge Report, citing a source close to Bloomberg’s campaign, reported that Clinton was under consideration after internal polling found that a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket would be a “formidable force.”
  • (1) #bloombergdidntkillhimself - Twitter Search / Twitter — Mike should think twice about adding Hillary to the ticket.