Episode 555

Incels plan to shoot up the Joker movie. DeGenova savages Judge Nap...


September 26th, 2019

53 mins 21 secs

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Be forewarned that the Intelligence Community is warning Americans about online chatter relating to mass shootings at screenings of the movie The Joker. Please share the warning and info about what to do if ever caught in a mass shooter situation.

The amount of lying necessary to keep this impeachment inquirey up is both staggering and exhausting... Hopefully the American people will see throught this nonsense!!!!

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  • US Army warns of potential mass shootings at "Joker" screenings – Disrn — The U.S. Army has warned about the potential for mass shootings at upcoming “Joker” screenings. In a widely distributed email, the Army noted that their warning was a response to intelligence they received that “incels” may be planning an attack.
  • Active Shooter | Ready.gov Share this with your family! — Active Shooter This page describes what to do if you find yourself in an active shooting event, how to recognize signs of potential violence around you, and what to expect after an active shooting takes place.  Remember during an active shooting to RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Be Informed Sign up for an active shooter training. If you see something, say something to an authority right away. Sign up to receive local emergency alerts and register your work and personal contact information with any work sponsored alert system.
  • By the way, Trump administration just scored another safe-third-country agreement in Central America today — No biggie, just the last link in a fence that might end up mooting much of the asylum debate in Congress. While most of the attention today has focused on Ukraine, the White House announced a new agreement with Honduras to take any refugees seeking asylum first rather than the US. That makes three nations with safe-third-country agreements in Central America that effectively blocks the land route for asylum seekers from south of Mexico:
  • Cuts 2 and 3: Tucker Carlson Mocks Shepard Smith in Fox News Civil War — Joe DeGenova savages Judge Nap here. He is telling the truth though. His perspective is known and sought after because of his prosecutorial experience.