Charles Payne

Special guest

Charles V. Payne is the Founder & CEO of Wall Street Strategies. His stock selections reap sizable profits for his subscribers and viewers. Charles is featured on the Fox Business Network Monday-Friday at 2PM EST on "Making Money with Charles Payne". He is a member and occasional host of "Varney & Co". In addition, he guest-hosts several shows including "Cavuto on Business" and "Your World".

Charles is not only widely recognized in the media sphere as a thought leader on stock markets and politics, but is also the best-selling author of "Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich" and his newly released book “Unstoppable Prosperity” . Right now, as part of the book launch, Charles is giving copies away for FREE. Simply go to and just cover delivery.

In his book, he helps the average investor demystify the stock market and profit from it, so you too can be Unstoppable!

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