Episode 761

Mary Vought is a Fellow with Independent Women's Forum- we discuss Stacey Abrams mask controversy


February 12th, 2022

33 mins 53 secs

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Stacey Abrams was trending for an image of her sitting maskless with a group of masked school children. Mary and I discuss the hypocrisy over masking and the best way to advocate for our children.

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Source: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Lawlessness

Source: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Lawlessness

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  • Opinion | Arlington schools are wrong to buck Youngkin’s mask policy - The Washington Post — The decision of Arlington County’s public schools to maintain their school mask mandate despite an executive order from new Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) ignores the “public” part of “public schools” in several respects. First, Youngkin won election to his post on a pledge to allow parents to choose whether their children should be forced to wear masks in school. For the governor to fulfill his promise on his Inauguration Day via an executive order amounts to implementing the expressed will of Virginia voters — which Arlington Public Schools apparently wants to defy.
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  • Katharine McPhee slams Stacey Abrams for maskless classroom photo: 'The hypocrisy continues' | Fox News — Katharine McPhee joined Stacey Abrams’ opponents in lambasting her for posing maskless with a group of school children despite a mandate being in place.  McPhee took to her Instagram Story on Sunday where she shared the now-viral image of Abrams, who is currently campaigning to be the next governor of Georgia, smiling without a mask while sitting on the ground with a classroom full of children, all of whom are wearing masks.