Episode 747

O.S. Hawkins: Author, ‘The Prayer Code’


December 10th, 2021

18 mins 43 secs

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Pastor Hawkins has written dozens of books to assist Christians in understanding the word of God. Such a great time chatting!!

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The LORD is my light and my salvation — whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid?
—Psalm 27:1

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  • The Prayer Code by O.S. Hawkins — AN UNSELFISH RECOGNITION The foundation of true prayer is built on an unselfish recogni- tion. He is our Father. In fact, a careful reading of this model prayer reveals the repeated use of these plural pronouns— our and us. So often we approach the Lord in prayer with a string of “I, I, I” or “me, me, me” or “my, my, my.” When we pray as Jesus taught us, there are no singular pronouns, only plural ones. He is not just “My” Father; He is “Our” Father. To my earthly family I am an only child, but in the family of God there is no such thing.
  • The Prayer Code — The Prayer Code by O. S. Hawkins Do you want a richer, more robust prayer life? Your prayers are powerful! Learn how to pray with confidence, faith, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit as you draw from world-changing prayers from Scripture in this inspiring guide to a transformed spiritual life. The Prayer Code is the latest addition to O. S. Hawkins's bestselling series that includes The Joshua Code and The Jesus Code. David prayed for protection from his enemies. Jesus prayed for all believers. The early Church prayed for courage. The most powerful prayers of Scripture have one thing in common: they reflect the promises of God in His Word, promises that are available to you today, just as they were to people in the Bible. In The Prayer Code, Hawkins explores biblical prayers to equip you to pray effectively for: peace in times of change courage to overcome your fears healing for yourself and others Each of the entries includes a prayer, life-guiding principles you can draw from that prayer, and a code word to help you apply those truths to your life. With its presentation page and ribbon marker, The Prayer Code makes a beautiful gift for: high school and college graduations Christmas Father's Day and Mother's Day birthdays men and women looking for fresh energy for their prayer life Whether you offer a prayer of confession, thanksgiving, praise, intercession, petition, or communion, you can be confident that you're praying as the Bible teaches. Transform your prayer life as you learn to pray with passion to a loving Father who longs for you to draw near.
  • O.S. Hawkins Website — Long-time pastor, GuideStone President and author O.S. Hawkins presents short videos discussing common challenges facing pastors and other church ministers.