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Episode 729: Meet: Larry Behrens: Communications Director for Power The Future

October 10th, 2021

Larry joins us to discuss the energy industry and the truth about Oil and Natural Gas! He shares must have information about how to keep our energy low cost and plentiful!

Larry Behrens brings a wealth of state government and communications expertise to Power The Future. Behrens recently served as Communications Director for New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, overseeing communications staff and public information officers in over 20 state agencies. Behrens also previously served as Federal Affairs Director for the Office of the Governor and as the communications leader for the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department along with the Public Education and Higher Education Departments.

Through his years in state government, Behrens helped implement New Mexico’s energy and environmental policies, oversaw key agencies during forest fires and environmental incidents, and helped roll out New Mexico’s 2015 Energy Policy, the first policy of its kind in over 20 years. Behrens knows first-hand how energy policies can impact the everyday lives of New Mexicans, and he is now using his insights and knowledge to help energy workers thrive as Western States Director for Power The Future. Behrens grew up in Silver City, New Mexico and currently resides in Santa Fe with his wife and five kids.

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