Episode 687

Ed Morrissey, Senior Editor of Hot Air, Author of 'Going Red'


May 11th, 2021

19 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Ed and I caught up after the last of Americans For Prosperity's epic run of blogger conferences marked the end of an era!! So much has happened since then, now we are both in very different places, yet still much the same.

We discussed CNN and the New York Times discovering electric cars need lithium batteries and mining it could destroy their precious god, mother earth! Also, leftists have a newfound hatred of Elon Musk and that hate is kind of next level with hints of TDS mixed in!

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  • Now it's CNN: Electric cars could "wipe out this species" – HotAir — First the New York Times warned about the environmental impact of transforming America’s vehicles to electric. Now CNN reports on the devastating consequences of the mining that such a transformation would necessitate. Environmentalists want to save a species of buckwheat from extinction, an issue that would be largely academic except for the need to produce billions of batteries to replace gasoline:
  • The Ed Morrissey Show – HotAir — The Ed Morrissey Show (#TEMS on Twitter) airs most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:30 ET. It’s cool chat and hot politics with newsmakers and pulsetakers. Andrew Malcolm, the Prince of Twitter, and Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson are regular co-hosts, plus we have great guests on each show. Every show airs live here on the TEMS page, and then embedded back into the day’s show post after the show finishes. Now you can join the conversation in the chat room! Cranky T. Rex moderates the traditional #TEMS chat room — the interactive feature for viewers to participate in the show outside of Facebook. Be sure to get there early! Note: We simulcast over Facebook Live on HotAir’s Facebook page. Be sure to join us there and jump into the comments!
  • NYT: Will electric cars become an environmental catastrophe? – HotAir — The United States needs to quickly find new supplies of lithium as automakers ramp up manufacturing of electric vehicles. Lithium is used in electric car batteries because it is lightweight, can store lots of energy and can be repeatedly recharged. Other ingredients like cobalt are needed to keep the battery stable. But production of raw materials like lithium, cobalt and nickel that are essential to these technologies are often ruinous to land, water, wildlife and people, Ivan Penn and Eric Lipton report for The New York Times. Mining is one of the dirtiest businesses out there.
  • Going Red: The Two Million Voters Who Will Elect the Next President--and How Conservatives Can Win Them: Morrissey, Ed: 9781101905661: Amazon.com: Books — The 2016 election is conservatives’ last, best chance to take back the country. How can they win? The answer, conservative columnist and analyst Ed Morrissey says, depends on seven battleground counties in swing states Republicans must win. Each county pulled for Obama in one or both of the last two elections, but after eight years of misadventures under the Obama administration, the door is open for Republicans to win them—and the presidency—once again, making a decisive mandate against progressivism for the generation to come. In Going Red, Morrissey takes readers inside the battlegrounds that will decide the election, weaving together data and the stories of people and leaders in these communities to answer the most pressing questions facing conservatives in 2016: