Episode 618

Why is aggressive homelessness suddenly such an issue?


January 30th, 2020

37 mins 25 secs

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Because Democrats are waging a nationwide campaign to make homelessness the norm. If it's normal and expected, then we cannot hold them accountable for running most of the areas plagued by joblessness and homelessness.

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  • St. Louis County Looks To Change Panhandling Regulations | St. Louis Public Radio — Council Chairwoman Lisa Clancy, D-Maplewood, has proposed repealing the problematic vagrancy ordinances altogether. She drafted legislation to strike them down at the request of the county council attorney’s office. Councilman Ernie Trakas, R-South County, introduced a competing plan this week. He wants to rewrite the vagrancy regulations so they still deter panhandling but don’t run afoul of the law.
  • Homelessness in Missouri down overall, yet rose in St. Louis County - The Missouri Times — The number of individuals who have experienced homelessness in Missouri has dropped in recent years, according to a new study from the Missouri Housing Development Commission.  The 112-page study, done in conjunction with the California-based Homebase organization, used data from the commission and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to show how the “homelessness system has developed in recent years” in Missouri. The 2019 Missouri Statewide Homelessness Study covered 2014-2018.