Episode 575

Madison Wisconsin declares racism a public health emergency


October 23rd, 2019

47 mins 20 secs

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Chalk this one up to another silly scheme that will not work. I'm not against public policy positions meant to call attention to things that need addressing at the city, county or even state level. But this is another attempt to cover up the failed policies touted by liberals. This action will only serve to victimize more blacks.

Is taking up permanent residency on a cruise ship a viable living situation for elderly retirees? One lady has been doing it for over 10 years with no plans to stop! Cool story.

The dude living as a woman with man bits lost his court case against poor immigrant women who refused to wax his nasties.

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  • City of Madison declares racism a public health crisis - WISC — MADISON, Wis. - The city of Madison signed on to a statewide resolution declaring racism as a public health crisis Tuesday. The move brings no additional programming or funding, but community leaders who run programs for youth of color and people of color in Madison say this is a good step for the city to take. “I’m glad that someone is recognizing it as a health issue, because then maybe now we’ll take greater measures in addressing the issues.” said Alexander Gee Jr., the president and founder of the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership and Development.
  • Cut 1: 88-year-old retires and lives on cruise ship — An estimated 24 million people are expected to take cruises this year. One report showed more than a quarter of them are age 60 or older, and more than one-fifth are retired. For many of those passengers, the ships are like a second home, but for one woman, Lee Wachstetter, ocean liner Crystal Serenity is her only home. Peter Greenberg reports.
  • Are luxury cruise ships the new retirement homes? — Lee Wachtstetter has been living on a cruise ship full-time since she turned 77. Better known as Mama Lee, the 89-year-old Wachtstetter has written a book about her experiences as a permanent cruise ship resident. In I May Be Homeless, But You Should See My Yacht, she explains that she was stuck in a big, empty house after her husband passed away. Instead of moving to a smaller home or assisted living facility, Wachtstetter decided to sell the house and start cruising full-time. She had been on 89 cruises with her husband when he was alive and loved the lifestyle.
  • Transgender Activist Jessica Yaniv Loses ‘Brazilian Wax’ Lawsuit in Canada — A Canadian official ruled against Jessica Yaniv, the transgender Canadian plaintiff who had accused three women of unfair “discrimination” when they declined to give his testicles a “Brazilian wax” treatment. But the official minimized the damage to Canada’s pro-transgender laws by suggesting that women may need to provide the sexually intimate service to male bodies if they have been trained for the task.