Episode 520

Democrats use the debate to show America the extreme left.


August 1st, 2019

53 mins 21 secs

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  • 40% of Americans Believe in Creationism — Forty percent of U.S. adults ascribe to a strictly creationist view of human origins, believing that God created them in their present form within roughly the past 10,000 years. However, more Americans continue to think that humans evolved over millions of years -- either with God's guidance (33%) or, increasingly, without God's involvement at all (22%).
  • Gallup: 67% of Americans Oppose Cash-Payment Reparations to Descendants of Slaves — A new survey shows that 67% of American adults oppose making cash-payment reparations to black Americans who are the descendants of slaves. Only 29% said cash-reparations should be made.
  • Five takeaways from Democratic debate brawl | TheHill — Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) were center stage in Detroit on the second night of the Democratic presidential primary debates — and it got ugly in a hurry.  Here are five takeaways from a brutal night of intraparty fighting among Democrats in the Motor City on Wednesday: No clear winner emerges after an ugly night This was not the debate that Democrats were hoping for.