Episode 510

Russian FaceApp now owns rights to 150 million user faces and names


July 18th, 2019

58 mins 15 secs

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Also, Planned Unparenthood ousted their most recent CEO Dr. Leana Wen for refusing to say that men could have abortions too. Netflix experiences a sudden drop in subscribers.

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  • Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People's Faces And Names — Everyone’s seen them: friends posting pictures of themselves now, and years in the future. Viral app FaceApp has been giving people the power to change their facial expressions, looks, and now age for several years. But at the same time, people have been giving FaceApp the power to use their pictures — and names — for any purpose it wishes, for as long as it desires.
  • Planned Parenthood Was Angry That Leana Wen Refused to Say Men Can Get Pregnant | LifeNews.com — Planned Parenthood abruptly fired its CEO on Tuesday because she apparently did not push abortion politics aggressively enough. But new reports suggest there may be more to the story. Two anonymous Planned Parenthood informants accused former CEO Leana Wen of mismanaging the abortion chain and refusing to allow others to control what she said.
  • Gendered language like 'manhole' will soon be banned from Berkeley's city codes - CNN — Soon, there will be no more manholes in the city of Berkeley, California. There will also be no chairmen, no manpower, no policemen or policewomen. No, that doesn't mean a whole city will be without committee leaders and law enforcement. It means that words that imply a gender preference will be removed from the city's codes and replaced with gender-neutral terms, according a recently adopted ordinance.
  • Teens Who Spend More Time on Social Media Have Increased Depression: Study | Fortune — Teen suicide rates are at their highest level since 2000. And a new study released Monday says too much time on social media could be contributing to that. A study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that teens who spend too much time on social media or watching television become notably more depressed.
  • Netflix suffers DRAMATIC slowdown in subscribers and this is why I hope it’s happening… – The Right Scoop — But Netflix traced the second-quarter’s slow subscriber growth primarily to a recent round of prices increase, including hikes of 13% to 18% in its biggest market, in the U.S. That pushed the price of its most popular U.S. plan to $13 per month, testing the bounds of how much some consumers are willing to pay for a service that started out at $8 per month for the same level of service.